Dancing with Godot on Pepper Sprout Pony Kegs

The lights on the going up stairs are confused
they’re off at the bottom
they’re off at the top
which way is up
which way is down is anyone’s guess

The chaos descended, I believe,
on Saturday morning
although it seems
the chaos wasn’t noticed until Saturday evening.

I’m sure it was Saturday.
Because Friday
there was light and laughter
all was right with the stairs, the lights,
And I knew, was confident I knew,
which way was up
which way was down

Funny, but since Saturday
and the light failure and the library silence
there have been other anomalies

The music stopped playing
The coffee has refused to percolate
and no one has been holding hands

It’s limbo land
a state of suspension
like waiting for Godot
and waiting for Beckett to explain Godot
Or sifting through a dream
where it’s Friday in Jackson Town
People dance on pepper sprout pony kegs

But Godot hasn’t shown
and it’s not Jackson Town
and the lights can’t remember
which way is up
which way is down

Since Saturday
since you left

So lovely to know
you’ll be home tomorrow
restoring calm to chaos
The porch light will be on
my coffee cup will be ready
music will play
and we’ll dance with Godot
on pepper sprout pony kegs

About onethumbpoetry

Psychologist living in Seattle. My passions; writing, fashion design, photography, amazing conversations.
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