For M

the rules of physics are arcane

and in this case, without application, or so she believed

the mathematical problem that served as preoccupation
involved the notion that it was possible to miss someone,
to intimately know someone, she’d never met

of course, she had always been a champion of relativity

that is, she believed firmly in the bending of time

what had occurred, what had yet to be experienced

the five-year old, her twelve-year-old self, and the grande dame

she felt them all there, all at once, coming and going
concerned with the science of seedless watermelons,

worried the hips were too prominent for a girl not yet thirteen
and pleased with the way it had all worked out

sometimes, it felt a bit crowded

but she found them amazing, found all of them to be beautiful

most especially she was so pleased 

that she could assure that five-year-old of the possibilities
of beautiful red fruit free of small obstacles

so you see, it was not a leap, not even a small hop

with regards to her math, to the mathematical conclusion
that A minus an unknown quantity equaled
precisely the experience of a beautiful longing and an intimate knowing

you see, she had really always known him

they just had yet awhile longer to be formally introduced

September 2009

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