going home to red

color of passion
color of happiness

her favorite as a child
convincing father the new house should be red
a knowing that a childhood spent in a red house
is balanced, is safe, and nearly free of worry

color of her keds
color of the doll case
color of bravery and freedom from worry
knowing nothing calamitous can happen when wearing red

the best moments have had that rose-colored hue
the child’s red boots set against the faded grey of the beach
the red nursing shirt purchased following the other child’s arrival
ripe mouth pressed against another in exploration, passion
those bright rouge shoes that marked her escape
powerful, beautiful, courageous, bold

she has lost her courage
she has been scared and weak for too long
the wardrobe is dark, black has been the preferred color
beautiful but without a trace of levity

she needs to fly again
as she believed she could in her keds

she needs to believe she is safe
as she knew she was in that red house

she wants the vitality and the beauty
of the child’s red boots against the sand

she concentrates on red
and her body is moved
she concentrates on red
and her spirit is lifted

the black is being turned, gently, away
she is coming home to that house that her father painted red.

16 September 2009 at 14:11

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