Old World Manners

Lovely to meet you
You are so beautiful
Please, I happen to own the outside curb

The time passed too quickly
from the moment you said hello
to this place at the evening’s end
I didn’t know it was possible
to fly across the pages of so many ideas
with someone I’d just met
Remarkable, intellectual, funny, & sweet
I wanted to kiss your nose
Wanted to ask to see your Nobel
Really, I wanted to sleep with you
but the rapid pace of traversing
a plethora of fascinating topics has satisfied me
for now

It was such a pleasant evening
Yes, I must walk you to your car
Would love to see you again
& excuse my temerity, but I am dying to kiss you
Really, I want to sleep with you
But truly, out of respect I can’t cross a line
that has yet to be established

These old world manners dog my libido
Yet it is only with grace and chivalry
that I can move into your space

It is only with old world charm that I
respect myself as a man
Here, let me help you with your coat
I want to wrap you with courtesy & kindness
Really, I want to sleep with you
but for now I will leave you smiling
Knowing that old world courtesy plus
my respect will navigate your boundaries
while we fly across more pages
And yes, while I keep to the outside curb

May 6, 2011

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