White Rabbit Folly

You are, no offense
My White Rabbit
& God help me but
I’ve become your Mad Hatter

It could happen to anyone
The natural effect of chasing
too long down the rabbit hole

A year later
Finding me cranky & sore after
Bumping through the labyrinth
Stumbling over discarded oyster shells
Painting the roses red & losing my head

You are my White Rabbit
Enticing, elusive, perfecting the
disappearing act
but also well in control, never
underestimating the power of
intermittent schedules

My pinafore needs washing
& I’m no longer fond of hats
& chasing shadows without
a headlamp is a silly, tiresome business

I need a new story
Perhaps The Shoemaker & the Elves
New Manolo Blahniks
could be the perfect
epilogue to this White Rabbit folly

January 4, 2012

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