The Timing of Raindrops

She felt an impulse to escape
The dark hall, the lecture
Leaving, dancing between raindrops
Keys, wheels, a short driving distance
lunch and a chat with Wolf on her mind

Perhaps you noticed her
She wore that red coat
Woolen, fitted, yet brashly swinging
Walking fast, black pants, black boots
dodging raindrops, dodging the morning’s inactivity

As she glided toward her destination
glancing over she noticed
An impossibly beautiful man
seated just inside
On display at the rail by the window
tap tap tapping on his computer

Even if you had been watching
you might have missed it
The subtle shift from dashing between raindrops
to a brief hesitation at the glass
the world slowing to that impossible pace
where raindrops take a year to land
and swinging red coats are caught
full glory in a freeze frame

He didn’t look up, the freeze frame lifted
A moment’s hesitation dissolved,
Gliding by, restored to the notion of lunch
and dropping in on Wolf
to discuss chocolate
& to discuss the timing of raindrops
that slow to an impossible pace
in the face of beauty

Lunch procured, silly faces made
through Wolf’s office window
Returning now, keys in hand
Black boots dodging breaks in the sidewalk
Red coat swinging, having forgotten entirely
That impossibly beautiful men sometimes
sit in windows and make the rain stop

Yet as she reached that place on the walkway
Unexpectedly the tap tap tapping stopped
He looked up and seeing her, smiled
The blush then spreading,
A quick, shy smile in return
Then back to dodging raindrops

November 5, 2010

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