Paid & Repaid

he has never known
never appreciated
not for a moment believed
what has been patently obvious

as a child he was
sweet, lost in thought
abstract visions
splaying across the page
a natural mathematician
with an artistic edge, those drawings & photographs
speaking where words failed

the accomplishments mounted
perfect grades, perfect scores
national champion
early admission
columbia, new york

the price of being driven to perfection
paid and repaid

this young man is an intuitive
but doesn’t trust what can’t be measured
accolades, pennants, erg scores
the data is what matters
the data makes you acceptable
friends and love come from winning

a natural philosopher
thoughtful, ethical, reasoned
yet, he doesn’t know
has never appreciated
that his truth lies deep
in a character that seeks justice
in a soul that will save the world
because he can

September 28, 2010

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