An Irreparable Separation

In the very moment 

that I turned toward you with my heart

You also turned, walking away, seeking another love

Careful to explain this was not abandonment

Merely loving with abandon

Seeking a community of love

Fulfilling a mandate seemingly set before you were born

Yet love divided itself from intimacy

in the wake of your leaving

Intimacy tentatively incubated in small moments

An affinity percolating in the slipstream 

of messages gladly sent, gladly received




Iwanttositawhileanddrinkyouin (then I will kiss you)

Intimacy is the price of admission

It is always worth safeguarding,

Especially when, in its infancy,
It cannot suffer an insecure attachment
without faltering, 

without an irreparable separation from love

1 Response to An Irreparable Separation

  1. Carl says:

    Continues to break my heart. It is wonderful in its sadness, however.

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