I will not sleep tonight
Instead I keep a vigil
Waiting for him to come home
Waiting to tear up the missing persons report

My son has gone missing
Taking only his wetsuit, backpack
No phone, no ID, no food, no cash

I filed the police report
Then folded his laundry
Watched 'Community' without him
I waited for him to come home
And so I wait still

My heart is here
It lays in pieces in all those places where he should be

Come home
We can fold the laundry together
We will laugh at Troy & Abed
We can promise to never go missing
We will put the pieces back together

Come home
I miss you
I love you

Tonight I keep a mother's vigil
Light a candle for us
Send him home if you see him
And tell him you love him too.

About onethumbpoetry

Psychologist living in Seattle. My passions; writing, fashion design, photography, amazing conversations.
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1 Response to Missing

  1. Nancy Vilhauer says:

    Oh Debra.

    Beautiful poem.

    Horrific subject.

    This all makes me very sad.



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