Heros mihi es erisque in perpetuum

In perpetuity
My love for you
Spanning the distance
from before your first breath on that early December morning
to this moment, this time, as you approach your 21st year
Stretching beyond what we now know
Into years still to come

In perpetuity
My faith in you
From before that time
Age nine, when you reasoned, “no one is really normal”
To this moment when you asserted that judgments are often
based on such scant evidence
Even as a child, still as a man, innately philosophical

Heros mihi es erisque in perpetuum
You are and always will be, a hero to me
A fair-minded child, honorable, kind
Grown to an equitable young man
Influenced by the philosophy of diversity
Reading Shakespeare, streaming hip hop
Constitutional law, psychology

In perpetuity
Then as now & as always
My love for you
It has no beginning
It has no end.

December 25, 2010

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