Quiet Confidence

He leaned in close
taking her hand
whispering about quiet confidence

squeezing his fingers,
nodding, lodging herself solidly
within that space under his left arm
leaning far in,
as close to his heart as possible

Quiet confidence?
Yes, certainly.
She had never been so sure before
Although in the same moment
that he whispered,
she shouted!

Loudly, boldly.
Revealing herself to be
a woman in love

Then, the woman blushing deeply,
as he relaxed in the companionable silence
which had settled over them
his whispered vote of confidence

The shouting from the mountaintop
all in her head & only just
on the tip of her tongue

Quiet confidence, yes
But her heart beating loudly
as he pulled her further into that space
where companionable silence
creates a lovely symphony
lovers in a moment of perfect harmony

About onethumbpoetry

Psychologist living in Seattle. My passions; writing, fashion design, photography, amazing conversations.
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