Mollusks & Sea Walls, a Love Story (sort of)

throwing herself
at this salty wall
forming a fierce attachment
without so much as an invitation

The sea wall
might have been flattered
such a pretty, charming mollusk
but he barely knew her
he wasn’t in the market
with more pressing concerns
a shoreline to protect
20,000 Leagues to manage
sand dollars
not floating a water logged economy

by this silly
starry fish eyed mollusk
with love on her mind
planting herself at port
quintessentially hopeful & foolish
all in the same moment
& all in equal parts

seeking his attention
transparent as shallow water
uncomplicated, unsophisticated
forming a vacuum sealed bond
(because that’s what mollusks do)

what mollusks fear
is being an imposition

what sea walls fear
is being preoccupied
at that moment
when an uncomplicated,
transparent as shallow water
yet true blue as a child’s depiction of the pacific,

sea mollusk

comes to kiss his face
& to offer a sweet, secure,
vacuum sealed,
sand dollars in the bank,
sort of love

About onethumbpoetry

Psychologist living in Seattle. My passions; writing, fashion design, photography, amazing conversations.
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