Transition Objects & Superheroes

Do I resemble a transition object?

My son, as a shy 5 year-old
had a transition object


A 12 inch plastic replica
A boy doll gaining him safe passage
into unfamiliar territory

Batman & I are
No doubt, psychic twins
My wardrobe runs to black
& I appreciate
his Lycra fashion aesthetic

But a transition piece is temporal
A safe passage, a transitory necessity

I do possess
the superhero power
to protect you

black Lycra or no

my abiding affection
fierce determination,

my belief in you
will safeguard your passage
through this frightening territory

Yet, superhero powers
are not foolproof
guaranteeing safe passage
but leaving our venerable
superhero vulnerable
to heartbreak

Superheroes, generous
sometimes in an ungenerous world
heartbreak & heroes
(not the stuff action movies
are made of)

If it’s a transition object
you need
in this perilous hour
I will lend you that
12 inch boy toy
then meet you
on the other side

You’ll know me
I ‘ll be the one in black Lycra
Driving the super cool bat car
happy to see you safely delivered
& eager to kiss your face

About onethumbpoetry

Psychologist living in Seattle. My passions; writing, fashion design, photography, amazing conversations.
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